I learned from the best storyteller in the world -- Walt Disney. Well, not Walt Disney himself, but working almost five years with the Walt Disney Company as a tour guide, guest relations host and manager, sales trainer and event coordinator. These positions helped me learn to tell the stories of the parks, the animated features and the Broadway shows not just with facts, but with the elements that make a good story -- a great beginning, middle and end -- with the details necessary to paint a full picture.


Having experience as a newspaper journalist gives me the knowledge and skills to create well-written stories based in solid research and sources on deadline. These skills are essential to any communications career to avoid weak grammar, "promo writing," and superfluous verbiage.

Editor and educator

In addition to writing experiences, I have also served as the editor on multiple publications. While ensuring tight editing and removing grammatical errors, editing requires planning of the publication and its deadlines as well as building an effective team of writers, editors, photographers and designers. Because of this experience and my advanced degrees, I have taught future journalists, editors and designers at the college level. My experience has also included presentations and programs for high school students on effective journalism skills within their high school newspapers and yearbooks.