Social Media

Word of Mouth

To sum this up - I've written and placed stories in newspapers as well as developed strong relationships with local reporters and editors. I'm a blogger and blog follower. Click on BLOG to read my blog and see my other blogs. And truly the epitomy of word of mouth was achieved during my almost five years at the Walt Disney Company (although it wasn't considered word of mouth at the time). Specific, pointed and succinct - like all messages should be.

Writing for SEO/SEM

Web design is all about usability. Because of my experience in print design and interactive elements, my web design and consulting is based on userability of sites to create the most effective use of menus, links, etc. In addition, because of Google's search engine intelligence, my journalistic-style of writing is the perfect companion to well-pointed messages, which creates keyword-enabled pages effective for your marketing and public relations purposes.