Public Relations

Leadership and Strategy

My public relations leadership is based on experience in project management, strong understanding of research and management experience with emphases in organizational behavior, training and human resource development. This shows not only a commitment to a specific public but to people in general. My service-oriented philosophy helps me understand and embrace strategies focused on elements of word of mouth marketing, social media and changing readership in traditional media.

Tactics and Results

Public relations is the bottom "click" for a specific reason. My experience with public relations tactics is based on the other four items - strong understanding of developing messages through writing, design, photography and new media. With results ranging from multi-thousand dollar sponsorships to multi-million dollar ad settlement to annual reports, brochures and targeted photo essays to newspaper story placement and press agentry.

Traditional, Social Media and Word of Mouth

I've written and placed stories in newspapers as well as developed strong relationships with local reporters and editors. I'm a blogger and blog follower. Click on BLOG to read my blog and see my other blogs. And truly the epitomy of word of mouth was achieved during my almost five years at the Walt Disney Company (although it wasn't considered word of mouth at the time).Specific, pointed and succinct - like all messages should be.