Marketing Mix

Marketing and "The Mix"

Marketing is no longer simple. It's not a business process. It's not an advertising process. It's not a public relations process. It's a people process. Never before have we seen a time when the PR idea of "targeted publics" comes more into play with working to understand how a campaign can not only break through the clutter and communication channels but also initiate a reaction, a response and, with luck, a purchase. 

All too often I see a campaign that wants to look at each element separately - here's an ad, here's a promotion, here's a press release - yet none of them connect in any way. To be successful, the campaign must always take into account the theme, the goal, the desire, the public and the desired response. The goal must not only be quantitative but also qualitative. A sale should equal positive word of mouth, positive social media response, and positive desires to continue with the organization or product. It should not just be a purchase.

Use my skills to help you create a well-rounded, budget-minded campaign including:

  • Art development
  • Ad development, campaign and placement
  • Promotions
  • Social media development
  • Public relations messaging
  • Complete campaign reporting
  • Event Management and Planning