Integrated Marketing Director

Integrating elements to create the proper balance of messaging, advertising, interactive and grassroots

In today's world, a marketing director no longer looks at an ad plan (or creates an ad plan) and ends there. The integration of advertising planning, message development, digital and interactive elements, word of mouth, social media and grassroots creates the marketing plan - and that experience creates the marketing director.

Within those areas and expanded elements, my core competencies include:

  • Successful development of marketing budgets for profit and non-profit properties
  • Creation and propagation of multiple web sites and social networking outlets to align with marketing plans and goals ensuring well-developed SEO and keyword placement
  • Use of key metrics to ensure ROI stays below an allotted amount while ensuring sales exceeded goals
  • Aligned campaign messaging with art, grassroots plans and social media to ensure a well-rounded, consistent message 
  • Developed case studies and business plans focused on successful projects and programs for future business development and new business alignment
  • Balanced multiple campaigns and multiple clients
  • Used quantitative and qualitative research to determine plan development and message effectiveness pre, post and during campaign/project
  • Budgeted, planned, implemented and oversaw multiple events and programs related to overall sales goals