Creative Director

Creative Direction ensures effective visual communication and messaging - in every format

Depending on the organization, the title Creative Director can also be called Creative Services Director, Creative Manager, Art Supervisor, Art Director, etc. 

Within the basics of this title, my core competencies include:

  • Successful management of teams of designers and illustrators developing creative for advertising, publicity use, digital and large format
  • Managed, conferred and assisted multiple leaders and decision-makers to determine best visual option for campaign and art development
  • Hands-on experience and creative production, design and illustration for all formats using Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash) programs on both Mac and PC
  • Budget and prioritization of jobs and creative assignments both self-managed and contract managed, including billing and invoicing
  • Management of branding and key art consistency across multiple platforms and formats keeping with campaign guidelines with multiple designers
  • Successful partnership with vendors and services to ensure the most cost-effective products and services, specifically related to printing and publishing
  • Troubleshooting and process development for new and developing designers and illustrators
  • College and secondary school teaching experience related specifically to visual communications and visual design theory
  • Creation and development of age-appropriate educational materials for non-profit educational organizations 


Entertainment Manager

Business management, marketing/press management and facility/guest management leader in the entertainment industry

I've been called a triple threat of entertainment management. Having experience in company management, press and marketing management, theater house and patron management as well as a mix of other duties, I look at live entertainment from every angle to help ensure successful productions. 

Within the basics, my core competencies include:

  • Successful management and oversight of marketing budgets and advertising for touring theatrical productions ensuring strong ROI results for paid advertising placements
  • Development and management of press and publicity opportunities for live entertainment properties
  • Understanding and management of theatrical settlements, billing, box office statements, payroll and vendor development (including credit applications, workers comp and housing arrangements/blocks)
  • Management and coordination of advertising art and branding development for live entertainment properties
  • Management of team of 50 ushers (including hiring, training, payroll, discipline) as well as liaison between the ushers/front of house, box office and show teams
  • Development, writing and creation of training materials for front of house team ensuring proper application of global guest service guidelines
  • Management of house seats and comp tickets for touring live entertainment property
  • Management of housing, medical and area attractions for 120+ touring company members
  • Ensuring all union guidelines are abided by for press, marketing, management and show needs
  • Successful negotiation with media for trade and in-kind advertising for non-profit theatrical properties


Public Relations Director

Message management, media relationships, press events and plan development

From the academic definition of public relations to variations based on press, publics, events and B2B, I've done it all.

Covering the bases, my core competencies include:

  • Successful development and implementation of message development and dissemination for live entertainment properties as press agent and press director
  • Development of integrated messaging for multiple projects under the same campaign to ensure a seamless delivery to the public
  • Development of messaging from concept to writing to editing and final production of multiple business messaging projects (annual reports, brochures, press releases, etc)
  • Development and implementation of well-rounded public relations plan including message re-alignment, business development, branding and event production
  • Managed all guest complaints, written message response and immediate service recovery for Broadway theatre
  • Managed events for groups ranging from 15 to 1500 including parties, educational programs, transportation, hotels, events and food and beverage contracts
  • Developed unique press and publicity opportunities for touring Broadway show teams ensuring cost savings, time savings and technical savings
  • Managed staff of editorial writers and photographers for internal publications and programs
  • Designed, edited and created publications, programs, advertising and messaged-focused collateral both as an individual contributor and leader
  • Served as national speaker and trainer for multiple scholastic journalism programs and events as well as taught writing for publication, visual communication and basic reporting at the college level


Integrated Marketing Director

Integrating elements to create the proper balance of messaging, advertising, interactive and grassroots

In today's world, a marketing director no longer looks at an ad plan (or creates an ad plan) and ends there. The integration of advertising planning, message development, digital and interactive elements, word of mouth, social media and grassroots creates the marketing plan - and that experience creates the marketing director.

Within those areas and expanded elements, my core competencies include:

  • Successful development of marketing budgets for profit and non-profit properties
  • Creation and propagation of multiple web sites and social networking outlets to align with marketing plans and goals ensuring well-developed SEO and keyword placement
  • Use of key metrics to ensure ROI stays below an allotted amount while ensuring sales exceeded goals
  • Aligned campaign messaging with art, grassroots plans and social media to ensure a well-rounded, consistent message 
  • Developed case studies and business plans focused on successful projects and programs for future business development and new business alignment
  • Balanced multiple campaigns and multiple clients
  • Used quantitative and qualitative research to determine plan development and message effectiveness pre, post and during campaign/project
  • Budgeted, planned, implemented and oversaw multiple events and programs related to overall sales goals