• Photography

    From portraits to stage to wild frontiers, my photography captures your spirit and desires. Read More
  • Design

    From print ads, logos and publications to flash and web, my designs focus on clean, typographically inherent objects connecting your ideas.
  • The Marketing Mix

    Combining creativity, experience and education, my skill set fulfills your need for a one-stop marketing shop. Read More
  • Puppetry

    Creativity moves beyond 2D to sculpted foam, fleece and fur to bringing ideas to life with emotion, expression and your love.
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Recent Projects

Photography in Africa

Take a journey with me to explore Kruger National Park in South Africa

  • Learning to photograph animals in the wild
  • Determining lenses and lens choices
  • Steadying yourself in a vehicle
  • My Gear
  • My travel supplies
  • Photo gallery

Puppet Making


Building your dreams

Explore the basic steps of custom puppet making and what makes a custom hand-built puppet different than others you might find elsewhere. Explore the art of puppet making and see the materials used to create your work of art.

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